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Aggravated Asphalt was added on 2016-03-08

Help Flippy through various obstacles along a really, really long road in this fun, endless running game.
Flippy needs your help to get through a range of obstacles on the road such as bikes, ladders, hot dog carts and more! Collect upgrades along the way like springs, magnets, feathers, and, of course, the dreaded grenade. But beware! If you collect enough grenades, he'll turn evil! Try not to hit any of the other Happy Tree Friends characters in his flashback mode....Or hit them. It's your call.

کا جائزہ لینے کے

Liam Ferguson / 18 / United Kingdom

I love the Happy Tree Friends - This game is a must play for anyone who's a fan of the show, fun & easy to play running game!

Aaron Alcántara / 24 / Philippines

HTF is a great show & this game rocks - Big love from Cebu!

Eric Portier / 20 / United States

I'm not a fan of this game, HTF is fun but this game lacks any sort of character that makes the show so funny.