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Bubble Bumble was added on 2016-03-08

The poor bees are sick and it's up to you save them!
Create bubbles to bounce the falling bees into nourishing flowers in this cute & adorable online arcade game! Over the course of 30 levels, you'll collect honey, unlock upgrades and discover lots of special bees & flowers – Hone your skills and try to go for a gold flower on every level!

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Malice&Misery /16 / Peru

My little sister loves playing this game, laughs everytime one of the bees misses the flower lol.

Anthony / 42 / United Kingdom

My little daughters love these cute games and Bubble Bumble just so happens to be their fave at the moment. If you have young children I'm sure they'll love this too - Good family friendly fun :)

Lauren / 28 / Switzerland

I usually don't listen to reviews much so when I saw this game I expected it to be cutesy but I didn't quite realise it was aimed at young kids. Ultimately this one isn't for me, but I'll show it off to my friends with kids and see what they think.