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Ocean Implosion was added on 2016-03-08

Ocean Implosion is a fun & easy to play mobile game that's enjoyable for all ages.
In this game you'll have to implode bricks of the same color to clear the level.. but be careful not to let the bricks stack to the top or it's Game Over!

کا جائزہ لینے کے

Isabel / 37 / Mexico

Hahaha this game reminds me of that fun game from Zelda, Wind Waker - Love this but it should have the SPLOOOOOSH soundbyte!

Wesley / 25 / United States

Ocean Implosion is a fun game that does everything right - Can't see how it could possibly be any better!

Chloe / 28 / China

OMG - I just lost 2 hours playing this, didn't even realise that I was playing for so long - fun, fun FUN game lol!