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Pulsator was added on 2016-03-08

Use your great reflexes to defend your star from incoming asteroids in Pulsator, the fun online arcade game for all ages.
Strategize your point of attack to destroy the asteroids and avoid being hit in order to survive longer!

کا جائزہ لینے کے

Naomi / 38 / Indonesia

Simple to play game that is surprsingly addictive :)

Natalia / 23 / France

This games very fun but maybe it's a little too bit easy for me - non of my friends can beat my 30k High score lol

Cole / 35 / India

In this game you need to pulse the asteroids as they come onto the screen, it's a simple concept but it is executed well. What I really like about this game however is the guessing game of holding out for a larger pulse or just using mini ones to quickly hit everything you see.