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Scratchin’ Melodii



Scratchin’ Melodii is a music game where you have to play a young DJ who has to earn money to pay off her debts. This rhythm game from LJ LephemStar only has five levels overall for now, however, it is still in development, so more levels can be added over time.
You’ll find that Scratchin’ Melodii is a little different compared to other games like Just Shapes & Beats and Osu! This indie title doesn’t just focus on the rhythm aspect of the game but also features a unique storyline and an overworld that you can explore.

Scratchin’ Melodii offers a fun new way for you to enjoy your typical rhythm games. With an engaging storyline and a number of characters to interact with, there’s more to this title than just simply making sure you hit the right beats. It also makes use of bright and cute cartoon-like visuals that a wide range of audiences can greatly appreciate.
You have the option to play through the plot in Story Mode or go through the exciting tunes in Quick-Groove. Currently, there are three regular levels available in Story Mode, as well as a boss battle as the fourth level. There’s also another level dedicated to teaching you the ropes of the game, so you can better understand how to play, especially if you’re new to the rhythm genre.
There are a few bugs to take note of, however. There are instances where your controller won’t work with the game. You can also run into issues with your controller not picking up the vibration signals. You can troubleshoot these issues by restarting the program and adding it as a non-Steam game to your library.


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