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Stepmania offers near-limitless possibilities for gameplay. You can add your themes that will determine game aesthetics. More importantly, you can add songs to play. You can add your songs manually, plus the text and photo backgrounds, which require a bit of work. Also, you can download song packs, which are created and compiled by other players, which is a lot easier.
Also, its massive support for software and hardware is commendable. For software, other key-based rhythm games can be integrated here, including 4 and 5-panel dance games. This means that their gameplay and their libraries can be run using this software. In terms of hardware, you can play songs using a keyboard, a controller, or even a dance pad–giving you a varied gameplay experience.
Since most of the content is user-based, it isnot that convenient to install or set up. Depending on your skills and experience, you may have to visit online forums or check out the guides available on the official website. Some activities, such as integrating new hardware, are not always plug-and-play and might require troubleshooting depending on your setup. Aside from the required technical knowledge, this also takes time.


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